libdc1394_video_set_mode doesn’t change the mode – A solution!

Posted by Benjamin Close on May 6, 2011 under OpenSource, Programming | Be the First to Comment

This article details a reason libdc1394_video_set_mode/libdc1394_video_set_framerate¬† may not work. Whilst working on an application that makes use of a 1394a/firewire camera I found a strange bug/feature with libdc1394. The problem was dc1394 was being used to the mode of the camera to 800×600 resolution. However, when querying the frame size after dequeuing the frame, the [..more..]

Solving the Apache SSL error “Oops, no RSA or DSA server certificate found for ‘’?!”

Posted by Benjamin Close on January 21, 2011 under OpenSource | 33 Comments to Read

Recently a colleague of mine came to me with a problem he was having with SSL certificates and the web server Apache 2.2. Put simply Apache (httpd) would not start. It was an unusual situation as this server had been running flawlessly for almost 2 years and it was only a recent power outage that [..more..]

VNC Connects Then Hangs

Posted by Benjamin Close on August 6, 2009 under Computers, OpenSource, UniSA | 4 Comments to Read

Working out that VNC can put a client ONHOLD, making it look like the server has frozen

Xinput 1 -> XInput 2 conversion guide

Posted by Benjamin Close on July 30, 2009 under Computers, FreeDesktop, OpenSource, Programming | 2 Comments to Read

Details about the API changes between Xinput 1(XI1) and XInput 2 (XI2)

Caldav calendar & icalserver

Posted by Benjamin Close on June 24, 2009 under Computers, FreeBSD, OpenSource | 2 Comments to Read

For quite a while now I’ve been using Apple’s ICal server on FreeBSD and Sunbird/Lightning as a front end to the calendar. However, one thing that has always annoyed me was the lack of a web frontend to my calendars. Well today after searching on a completely different topic I found a javascript front end [..more..]

samba ADS nightmares

Posted by Benjamin Close on February 2, 2009 under OpenSource, UniSA | Be the First to Comment

Recently Ben and I have been trying to get a FreeBSD box to join an Active Directory domain. The domain controller was running Windows Server 2008. After a *lot* of stuffing around to get this working we finally found the solution to our problem – the version of samba. You see the problem we were [..more..]

Adding Multiple Mice Support to FLTK using MPX

Posted by Benjamin Close on November 25, 2008 under OpenSource, UniSA | 6 Comments to Read

Details about adding multiple mice support to the FLTK toolkit

jhbuild just won’t build! (aka Include path madness)

Posted by Benjamin Close on November 18, 2008 under FreeDesktop, OpenSource, Programming, UniSA | Read the First Comment

I’ve been recently trying to work out why jhbuild fails to build xorg on my FreeBSD box. Traditionally I compile to /usr/local/ however after wanting to experiment with MPX I’ve set things up so that I compile to¬†/usr/local/MPX Sadly this kept breaking in xorg/lib/libX11 with the error:

Setting up Sendmail with TLS & Auth support under FreeBSD

Posted by Benjamin Close on November 13, 2008 under FreeBSD, OpenSource | 6 Comments to Read

In order to setup a secure mail transport agent (MTA) that helps eliminate some spam and also allows roaming client support, some sort of authentication mechanisim must be added when setting up a MTA. In my case I’m using FreeBSD 4.9 with sendmail as my MTA. Setting Up Sendmail


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LDAP is a great protocol. It allows multiple clients to obtain data about virtually anything that you can think of. The LDAPAddressBook project is a project to determine a LDAP Schema that works in the following clients: Mozilla Thunderbird Windows Address Book OS X Address Book Squirrel Mail In fact any client that supports LDAP.