Adding Multiple Mice Support to FLTK using MPX

Posted by Benjamin Close on November 25, 2008 under OpenSource, UniSA | 6 Comments to Read

Details about adding multiple mice support to the FLTK toolkit

cgit upgrade & gitweb retired

Posted by Benjamin Close on November 24, 2008 under FreeDesktop | 12 Comments to Read

With CGit v0.8 supporting, atom feeds, patch targets and also the clone-url option, it’s time to finally rid ourselves of the memory hungry gitweb. Hence cgit.fd.o has been upgraded and gitweb been pointed to cgit.fd.o. There’s also a bucket load of redirects in place to support this. Hence all the old gitweb url’s should correctly [..more..]

jhbuild just won’t build! (aka Include path madness)

Posted by Benjamin Close on November 18, 2008 under FreeDesktop, OpenSource, Programming, UniSA | Read the First Comment

I’ve been recently trying to work out why jhbuild fails to build xorg on my FreeBSD box. Traditionally I compile to /usr/local/ however after wanting to experiment with MPX I’ve set things up so that I compile to¬†/usr/local/MPX Sadly this kept breaking in xorg/lib/libX11 with the error:

Clearchain Website Updated

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It’s been a while now but I’ve finally got around to updating the clearchain website. The old mediawiki based instance was nice, friendly to edit but also required syntax to edit it. After a while arguing with the syntax it gets to the point where all you really want to do is use the website [..more..]


Posted by Benjamin Close on November 13, 2008 under Programming | 3 Comments to Read

Working with Mark’s dnl code, we came across an interesting issue. Mark had used the stl::set class for some of his code and whilst it compiled fine under Visual Studio, it failed to compile under gcc/g++. With the error: dnlCommon/Logger.cpp: In member function ‘void dnlCommon::Logger::setMask(std::ostream&, std::bitset<5ul>)’: dnlCommon/Logger.cpp:64: error: invalid initialization of reference of type ‘dnlCommon::Logger::LoggerPair&’ [..more..]


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FreeBSD VPN This document describes how to setup both the server side and client side for a PPTP connection with MPPE encryption that works for windows, MacOsX and other freebsd boxes. The basic process: – Install & configure pptpserver on the freebsd server – Configure ppp on the freebsd server – Setup the clients 1. [..more..]

Stl::reverse iterator

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I was coding a little program a while back when I found a Quirk about the stl reverse_iterator. Use of the iterator is quite easy until you have to delete from one. I tried the normal way of: vector<sometype>::reverse_iterator myiterator… .. .. myvector.erase(myiterator). only to find the code didn’t compile. A little baffled I started [..more..]

Splitting A Patch

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Have you ever been working on code, gone off on a side tangent and then realized you don’t have a valid patch of the code you’ve been working on? So you run diff -du, cvs diff, git diff or some other diff and suddenly realize you have a mix of old changes and new changes. [..more..]

Setting up Sendmail with TLS & Auth support under FreeBSD

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In order to setup a secure mail transport agent (MTA) that helps eliminate some spam and also allows roaming client support, some sort of authentication mechanisim must be added when setting up a MTA. In my case I’m using FreeBSD 4.9 with sendmail as my MTA. Setting Up Sendmail


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LDAP is a great protocol. It allows multiple clients to obtain data about virtually anything that you can think of. The LDAPAddressBook project is a project to determine a LDAP Schema that works in the following clients: Mozilla Thunderbird Windows Address Book OS X Address Book Squirrel Mail In fact any client that supports LDAP.