user: Pavel Beňak (aries) Joins Portland (xdg-utils)

Posted by Benjamin Close on May 29, 2009 under FreeDesktop | Be the First to Comment

Please welcome  Pavel Beňak (aries)  to the FD.o crew. Pavel will be working on portland and xdg-utils.

user: Joel Bosvend – GSOC Input Redirection

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Please welcome Joel Bosvend (b0le) to the FD.o ranks. Joel will be working on Input Redirection in the Xserver as part of a Google Summer of Code project. Peter Hutterer is his mentor.

www: spectre & swfdec moin wiki’s upgraded/cleaned up

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To combat spam both the spectre and swfdec wiki’s have been upgraded to a later version of moin. Capta’s have been put in place and all existing spam has been removed. Sorry, probably a few broken links due to this change but shouldn’t be too hard to clean up.

Using Google Adsense to make money

Posted by Benjamin Close on May 25, 2009 under Money | 5 Comments to Read

It’s been a while since my last blog post on making money online but it doesn’t mean I’ve not been thinking about how to do it. Past blog articles have indicated some ways to make money online but never really talked about how effective the various methods are. Well this blog article talks about one [..more..]

There was movement at the station… Our Driveway is in!

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It’s been a while in the making but our access track (aka driveway) is done! Starting last Sunday, the driveway was started and finished the following Tuesday. The driveway was constructed of 25mm gravel and took 155 tonnes of the stuff! The driveway is 255 metres long and it’s funny it sort of goes to [..more..]

19 weeks and counting

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Wow how time flies! Carly is now 159weeks pregnant and now definately showing. Last week we had the first real scan and got to see hands and feet, the bub was quite active and gave the radiologist a hard time! Below are a few photos of both the bub and the expectant Mum to be!

Booting FreeBSD from a root zfs pool using a standard MBR and partition table

Posted by Benjamin Close on May 8, 2009 under FreeBSD | 5 Comments to Read

This page documents the current state of play for booting the root filesystem (/) off a zfs zpool under FreeBSD, using a standard master boot record (MBR) and a standard partition table. The aim was to be able to have a dual boot system for my laptop using the standard FreeBSD quick selection boot loader. [..more..]