jhbuild using a git branch

Posted by Benjamin Close on January 29, 2009 under FreeDesktop | 3 Comments to Read

Recently I’ve been playing around with jhbuild. I wanted to jhbuild to use a custom branch from a git repo I’ve setup. ┬áSadly the documentation on how to do this is a little lacking. Added to the fact that the jhbuild code drops an argument and there’s a lot of fun at work. The solution, [..more..]

cgit upgrade & gitweb retired

Posted by Benjamin Close on November 24, 2008 under FreeDesktop | 12 Comments to Read

With CGit v0.8 supporting, atom feeds, patch targets and also the clone-url option, it’s time to finally rid ourselves of the memory hungry gitweb. Hence cgit.fd.o has been upgraded and gitweb been pointed to cgit.fd.o. There’s also a bucket load of redirects in place to support this. Hence all the old gitweb url’s should correctly [..more..]