VMWare woes with DISK IO & Possible Solution

Posted by Benjamin Close on August 12, 2009 under ClearChain, Computers | Read the First Comment

Recently the server hosting clearchain.com (aka Leo) has been having disk io errors. This has had me quite perplexed. You see Leo is a virtual machine running on redundant hardware as part of an VMWare ESX cluster. Hence whilst I can understand slow performance and delayed access at some times, disk IO’s don’t make sense. [..more..]

Clearchain Website Updated

Posted by Benjamin Close on November 14, 2008 under ClearChain | Be the First to Comment

It’s been a while now but I’ve finally got around to updating the clearchain website. The old mediawiki based instance was nice, friendly to edit but also required syntax to edit it. After a while arguing with the syntax it gets to the point where all you really want to do is use the website [..more..]