Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water System – Post Install Review

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Evacuated Tubes

Our experience buying and getting an Apricus LPG Boosted, evacuated tube solar hot water system installed.

Solar Hot Water – Evacuated Tubes – Apricus vs Hills

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In building our new house we decided to install a solar hot water system. The reasons for this was simple. We have no mains electricity and only LPG bottled gas. Hence continually heating water would have cost us a lot. Solar hot water on the other hand has an upfront cost but substantially reduces the [..more..]

Explaining the concept of a Hot Water Plumbing Loop

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Example Of A Houses Plumbing with / without a hot water loop

One thing that a lot of people don’t fully understand is the concept of a hot water plumbing loop (also known as a hot water return or a ring main). The reason for this is not really all that surprizing. Anyone with mains water to their house probably wouldn’t even care about the concept. Most [..more..]