Solving the Apache SSL error “Oops, no RSA or DSA server certificate found for ‘’?!”

Posted by Benjamin Close on January 21, 2011 under OpenSource | 33 Comments to Read

Recently a colleague of mine came to me with a problem he was having with SSL certificates and the web server Apache 2.2. Put simply Apache (httpd) would not start. It was an unusual situation as this server had been running flawlessly for almost 2 years and it was only a recent power outage that [..more..]

cgit upgrade & gitweb retired

Posted by Benjamin Close on November 24, 2008 under FreeDesktop | 12 Comments to Read

With CGit v0.8 supporting, atom feeds, patch targets and also the clone-url option, it’s time to finally rid ourselves of the memory hungry gitweb. Hence cgit.fd.o has been upgraded and gitweb been pointed to cgit.fd.o. There’s also a bucket load of redirects in place to support this. Hence all the old gitweb url’s should correctly [..more..]

Proxying a page/website through Apache

Posted by Benjamin Close on November 8, 2008 under Computers, OpenSource | Be the First to Comment

Sometimes you want to expose one port in your firewall but not another. However, often you have different servers running on different ports. Apache has the ability to proxy pages, this allows one server to be externally visible with the other running only locally. It allows you to secure one server and only open one [..more..]

Removing .htaccess Authentication Restrictions

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Removing .htaccess Authentication Restrictions Have you ever found yourself needing to remove authentication from part of a website? This actually happens fairly regularly. The way you do it is as follows: .htaccess AuthType none Satisfy Any The AuthType none directive indicates apache should not prompt for a password, whilst the Satisfy Any directive tells apache [..more..]