How to use FreeBSD, VirtualBox and USB2.0 Devices

Posted by Benjamin Close on March 1, 2012 under FreeBSD | 3 Comments to Read

This page explains how to use a USB2.0 device in VirtualBox with a FreeBSD 8+ as a hostOS Recently I got around to converting my last Linux box over to FreeBSD. The change over for almost everything was smooth except for one thing. A windows virtual machine. I have a number of applications which sadly [..more..]

FreeBSD Sudo Upgrade Gone Wrong, Password No longer working with Sudo 1.7.2p2 / 1.7.2p3, Sudo Broken

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Recently a port audit security advisor was released that indicated an exploit with sudoedit of the security/sudo FreeBSD port. At the time I was running sudo 1.6.9 and being a responsible system administrator, I decided to upgrade sudo to the latest revision of the port (1.7.2p2 at the time). The upgrade went very smoothly, with [..more..]

Using Serial Devices in FreeBSD / How to set a terminal baud rate

Posted by Benjamin Close on January 8, 2010 under FreeBSD, UniSA | 3 Comments to Read

Recently I was working on a php command line program that required access to a serial port. Initially developed under Linux the program was then shifted to it’s permanent location on a FreeBSD server. This is where we first started having problems. Initially we discovered the server didn’t have a native serial port. We fixed [..more..]

mythtv on FreeBSD: The beginning

Posted by Benjamin Close on April 1, 2009 under Mythtv | Read the First Comment

This documents my progress settting up mythtv on FreeBSD.

Frox & PF

Posted by Benjamin Close on November 7, 2008 under Computers, FreeBSD | Be the First to Comment

This article describes how to setup Frox to perform transparent proxying and caching via pf under FreeBSD.


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Dual Booting Windows Vista & FreeBSD / Linux / Some other OS The Problem After installing Windows Vista Enterprise Edition, I very quickly wanted to get back to FreeBSD. As per previous versions of Windows, Vista does a great job of overwriting the Master boot record (MBR). Unlike previous versions of windows, you cannot just [..more..]