cgit: Bug fixes & Tag/Branch support in logs

Posted by Benjamin Close on February 10, 2009 under FreeDesktop | 2 Comments to Read

CGit Tags and Branches now show up in Log view

CGit is now the latest stable (0.8.2) which brings in a number of bug fixes, including some caching fixes and also adds tags and branches to log view as shown below:

cgit gains new functionality

Posted by Benjamin Close on December 4, 2008 under FreeDesktop | 5 Comments to Read

How to sort by age/owner in cgit

After a few weeks of the cgit change overĀ happening, I’ve been working with Lars Hjemli (cgit creator) to try and add the remaining functionality that gitweb had, but cgit was missing. Very quickly I added sort by age functionality which left only full log support. Well Lars has done a great job responding to requests [..more..]

cgit upgrade & gitweb retired

Posted by Benjamin Close on November 24, 2008 under FreeDesktop | 12 Comments to Read

With CGit v0.8 supporting, atom feeds, patch targets and also the clone-url option, it’s time to finally rid ourselves of the memory hungry gitweb. Hence cgit.fd.o has been upgraded and gitweb been pointed to cgit.fd.o. There’s also a bucket load of redirects in place to support this. Hence all the old gitweb url’s should correctly [..more..]