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Posted by Benjamin Close on December 4, 2008 under FreeDesktop | 5 Comments to Read

After a few weeks of the cgit change over happening, I’ve been working with Lars Hjemli (cgit creator) to try and add the remaining functionality that gitweb had, but cgit was missing. Very quickly I added sort by age functionality which left only full log support.

Well Lars has done a great job responding to requests and hence not only has full log support now been implemented, but he’s also cleaned up my hack to allow sort by any column.  Thanks for this Lars and for the other bug fixes!

So now should have all the functionality of gitweb. If not – please let me know!

How to sort by age/owner in cgit

How to sort by age/owner in cgit

How to View A Full Log in CGit

How to View A Full Log in CGit

For those that want to try this pre v 0.8.2 functionality on their own website, just use the wip branch from the git repo.

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  • Ari said,

    One thing I’m missing is the fact that gitweb would sort branches by idle time. This allowed me to easily see which branches I could probably ignore because of their age, and obviously which branches were used recently.

    Thanks for your work in improving cgit!

  • foo said,

    Do you plan to package cgit for Debian? We’d certainly appreciate it!

  • Mart Raudsepp said,

    Thanks for arranging support for full logs that I requested and missed! 🙂

  • chithanh said,

    I still cannot sort branches by age (gitweb default sorting order)

    Also gitweb has a “snapshot” link for each commit, which generates a tarball of the tree on the fly to be downloaded.

  • Benjamin Close said,

    Snapshots are already supported in cgit, they were just disabled. I’ve now enabled them for commits. As for sort by age for branches, I wasn’t aware that existed… it’s on the todo list now.

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