The Shed, Septic & Frames Take Shape

Posted by Benjamin Close on August 18, 2009 under Country Living | Be the First to Comment

After a couple weeks with little happening, it seems things are finally starting to pick up. Last week saw the shed start to go up, and the house being rubbled and the septic tank going in. It’s nice to finally have the rubble in place. We’ve been told quite a few times it’s too wet for anything to happen on the house. Now there is no excuse! Granted it’s still a little wet at the front of the house – the clay takes a while to dry out. With rubble over the top of the clay it’s at least workable.

So starting this week things really started happening. Monday had half the steel for the house walls going up, Tuesday found the rest of the walls going up and the shed getting it’s capping and floor poured.

It was interesting talking to the guy’s putting up the house walls. Apparently due to the wind speed in our area (51m/s) the amount of dynabolts that get put in almost triple. Every stud gets bolted as apposed to one dynabolt every 1200mm. The house is starting to look great. Walking through it Tuesday night, it’s nice to see what was designed on paper really working out the way that was imagined.

In regards to the shed – We have a shed! Apart from the tanks it’s the first main structure on the block – at least that is complete. Roof, walls, floor, doors! After the weekend there is even some temporary plumbing in place to collect some water. (We even collected 5 mm’s worth on Sunday night). Enough to at least make it to the tap level in the tank.

So for now, check out the photos below about how things are looking.

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