Using Serial Devices in FreeBSD / How to set a terminal baud rate

Posted by Benjamin Close on January 8, 2010 under FreeBSD, UniSA | 3 Comments to Read

Recently I was working on a php command line program that required access to a serial port. Initially developed under Linux the program was then shifted to it’s permanent location on a FreeBSD server. This is where we first started having problems. Initially we discovered the server didn’t have a native serial port. We fixed [..more..]

VNC Connects Then Hangs

Posted by Benjamin Close on August 6, 2009 under Computers, OpenSource, UniSA | 4 Comments to Read

Working out that VNC can put a client ONHOLD, making it look like the server has frozen

Project Snappy

Posted by Benjamin Close on March 6, 2009 under Projects, UniSA | 3 Comments to Read

One project I’ve been working on with fellow members of the Wearable Computer Lab (WCL) has been a project we’ve called ‘Snappy’. Snappy is simply an old Canon IXUS camera that is connected to an old Dell Laptop. It was setup to monitor the construction of a new building here at the University of South [..more..]

samba ADS nightmares

Posted by Benjamin Close on February 2, 2009 under OpenSource, UniSA | Be the First to Comment

Recently Ben and I have been trying to get a FreeBSD box to join an Active Directory domain. The domain controller was running Windows Server 2008. After a *lot* of stuffing around to get this working we finally found the solution to our problem – the version of samba. You see the problem we were [..more..]

Adding Multiple Mice Support to FLTK using MPX

Posted by Benjamin Close on November 25, 2008 under OpenSource, UniSA | 6 Comments to Read

Details about adding multiple mice support to the FLTK toolkit

jhbuild just won’t build! (aka Include path madness)

Posted by Benjamin Close on November 18, 2008 under FreeDesktop, OpenSource, Programming, UniSA | Read the First Comment

I’ve been recently trying to work out why jhbuild fails to build xorg on my FreeBSD box. Traditionally I compile to /usr/local/ however after wanting to experiment with MPX I’ve set things up so that I compile to¬†/usr/local/MPX Sadly this kept breaking in xorg/lib/libX11 with the error:

Resetting the USB Bus under linux

Posted by Benjamin Close on September 15, 2008 under UniSA | 17 Comments to Read

Today Snappy, the little photo box we have taking photos of the new Bruce Lab, broke again. Hence I quickly came up with a way of resetting the USB device under linux based on libusb. Sadly whilst I can confirm this does reset the device gphoto2 still doesn’t like our little Canon Ixus 400 and [..more..]