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Posted by Benjamin Close on March 6, 2009 under Projects, UniSA | 3 Comments to Read

One project I’ve been working on with fellow members of the Wearable Computer Lab (WCL) has been a project we’ve called ‘Snappy’. Snappy is simply an old Canon IXUS camera that is connected to an old Dell Laptop. It was setup to monitor the construction of a new building here at the University of South Australia. The building will be used for a number of things but in particular it will host the Visualisation Lab used by the WCL.

Snappy was something setup so the lab could see how construction was going and also so we could have some time lapse photography about the building being built.

Ironically, it appears that Snappy has grown. The VC of the Uni checks it, the architechs in Canberra are using it to monitor progress and a lot of the people involved are using it!

You see snappy consist of the camera and a web frontend to the photos snappy has taken. The frontend is a bunch of PHP scripts created by myself (Benjamin Close), Aaron Stafford, Ross Smith and Micheal Marner. Each one of us has worked on a part of either the scripts, the hardware or getting things working. Robert Speedie has been a big help in making this work as well. He has the contacts and funding to help it happen.

So if your interested in seeing Snappy, visit the url:

and have a look. One of the photos he’s taken is below –  a great sunrise.

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