Clearchain Website Updated

Posted by Benjamin Close on November 14, 2008 under ClearChain | Be the First to Comment

It’s been a while now but I’ve finally got around to updating the clearchain website. The old mediawiki based instance was nice, friendly to edit but also required syntax to edit it. After a while arguing with the syntax it gets to the point where all you really want to do is use the website rather than maintain it. Hence Clearchain lives now as a blog site. Making good use of the wordpress software.  

Word press is easy to use, has a graphical editor and just makes life easier. It’s ironic actually as all the old site really was was a blog with a few pages, it just forced mediawiki to do something it wasn’t really intended for. Now however, we’ve got things right and we’re using blogging software. There will certainly be a number of things broken after the pages have been migrated and the old blog was not shifted. Hence the blog is starting new with only previous useful pages being shifted.

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