Top Tips for Moving House

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Moving HouseWe’re now well and truly settled into our new home, but moving into a different house – even one which isn’t newly built – can often be a little tricky. With this in mind, here are just a few top tips which can help ‘move day’ to go as smoothly as possible.

If you have friends or family who are often offering to lend you a hand with various tasks, then it can be a great idea to take them up on the offer when you are moving house. Be clear about what needs doing, and give anyone who volunteers specific tasks to carry out, in order to make the most of the help which you have. Often, it is the most menial tasks which can prove to be the most time-consuming when moving house, so it can be extremely useful if you have a group of willing helpers. Just make sure you’re willing to return the favour in the future!

Make a list of what you are likely to move shortly after your move, and make sure they are easily accessible. It is a good idea for each house member to pack a small holdall for a few days, so that they will not require immediate access to the rest of their belongings. In addition to clothes and toiletries, you may also want to make sure you are able to set up your computer shortly after your move – not just so that you can relax with a game of partypoker, but to help you get in contact with anyone you might need to speak to regarding any problems which you may have encountered while moving. You may also want to get appliances such as your fridge up and running as soon as possible, so that you will be able to store basic food provisions.

Lastly, remember to label EVERYTHING. Keep track of your belongings as best as possible, so that you can easily check if anything has gone missing. Don’t let important documents get lost in the move, and protect anything which is breakable. If you follow these basic guidelines, you can help to make move day as straightforward as possible.

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