MPX & XTst

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MPX is a modification of the Xorg X Windowing system created by Peter Hutterer whilst doing his PHD in the Wearable Computer Lab, at the University of South Australia. It allows independent device control and contains a number of different API enhancements to support these. You can find more about MPX at: Some of [..more..]

Proxying a page/website through Apache

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Sometimes you want to expose one port in your firewall but not another. However, often you have different servers running on different ports. Apache has the ability to proxy pages, this allows one server to be externally visible with the other running only locally. It allows you to secure one server and only open one [..more..]

Removing .htaccess Authentication Restrictions

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Removing .htaccess Authentication Restrictions Have you ever found yourself needing to remove authentication from part of a website? This actually happens fairly regularly. The way you do it is as follows: .htaccess AuthType none Satisfy Any The AuthType none directive indicates apache should not prompt for a password, whilst the Satisfy Any directive tells apache [..more..]

Setting up SSH Public/Private Keys

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Using SSH for Automatic Key authentication SSH provides an encrypted tunnel for use with interactive and non interactive terminal sessions. It provides authentication via a number of methods including password, public/private key pairs and challenge keys. SSH also provides authentication forwarding between machines. This feature allows a user to be able to log on to [..more..]

Autotools Tips (,, autoconf, automake, etc)

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The Autotools build system is a great system. It consists of a number of tools. These are aclocal[1], autoconf[2], automake[3], autoheader[4], and to some extent libtool[5] These tools all work together to aid in building applications, libraries and providing a consistent framework for doing so. The problem however, is the tools are hard to use, poorly documented and the [..more..]