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Posted by Benjamin Close on April 1, 2009 under Money | Read the First Comment

Following on from my last article about making money online, this one starts to look at ways that exist to make money online. By far, the most visible way to make money online is using advertising. Advertising is literally everywhere. However there seems to be lots of ways to make money online. Below are a few of I have thought of, I’ll be trying out a few of these to see how they go.

Online Money Ideas

  1. Advertising
  2. Affiliate Programs
  3. Selling Items on Ebay/amazon/own shop frontend/etc
  4. Creating a online book and selling it
  5. Scamming people to make money (not a method I intend to follow)
  6. Reselling services (webhosting, domains, books, advertising, etc)
  7. Join a pay per click program
  8. Start a blog (Hey, I’m already making ooodles 🙂 – Not!
  9. Do design/coding/write articles for someone else & get paid
  10. Share trading / money trading

Each of these method have advantages and disadvantages. With setup costs raging from zero to quite a lot, likewise risk varies from zero – low – high.

In the end, Ideally I’m looking at ways that are low risk, low setup cost and reasonable returns. What option actually provides this set of features I’m not yet sure.

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