The Shed and Access Track has been Submitted To Tea Tree Gully Council

Posted by Benjamin Close on February 21, 2009 under Country Living | Be the First to Comment


A sample of the access track/shed pad (includes house)

After attending Final selections Monday, Tuesday we received the site plans from our the engineers for both our shed pad and the access track. This is the final piece of the puzzle that we needed in order to make Tea Tree Gully council happy.

In Hills Face Zone, the council requires details about anything that requires earth works. This includes putting in a driveway (aka Access Track). The ironic thing is they actually need the access track in order to approve the house. Sadly the Access track was not included on the House application that was lodged.

So on Wednesday a quick visit to the council chambers and a little explaining solved a lot. I believe the members of planning are happy to work with people but often they get information second or third hand or people blatently ignore their guidelines. Hence no wonder they get annoyed.

Anyway, after explaining that we wanted to lodge plans for the shed AND the access track the lady at the desk refered me to the person looking after our house application. After reexplaining the situation the only alteration they required was a letter from us stating we would not commence construction of the shed before the house had reached “Lock Up” stage. Their reasoning for this is they don’t want people living out of sheds.

Dragon (the person looking after our house) then was happy to accept the shed application and indicated he would use the access track plan on the shed application to also assess the house application.  I was even able to lodge the shed application without the letter promising to provide it by the end of the day.

Hence I later emailed through the letter – later to fax it as sadly the council was unable to open the letter in the email I sent.

So after all this we have now lodged everything we need with council! So it really is a waiting game now. We are waiting on council to approve the house, the access track and the shed! Once this is done we can start getting things built!

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