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Posted by Benjamin Close on October 8, 2010 under Money | Be the First to Comment

Passive IncomeA while back I wrote an article about attempting to make money online since that article quite a few things have changed. Previously I had a website http://wattsituse.com/   which turned out to be a waste of time. Not because of the lack of a good idea but because of the time required to make the site work. However the website (now retired) did teach me a lot. The big thing about making money online with a website is to do it with minimal input required. A blog is good but requires constant articles to be successful. What really is a good setup is a website where other people provide the content.

A good example of a website like this is a forum. Once a forum is established and up and running, it builds content itself. This increase page view which increases the likely hood of someone clicking on a link hence earning an income with something like Google Adsense. So using that realization I’ve now created a site I hope will one day will create a passive income with minimal input. Initially I considered a forum and whilst a forum is a great way to build content, you need a way to draw people to the forum in the first place. What I decided is I need a website that allows people to input content and draws people to it by it’s very nature.

There is lots of these sites out there. TinyURL and pastebin are a great example of two of these. People  use these website without even considering the adds on them. They generate pages based on user content slowly earning an income. Hence the next attempt to build a passive income is http://www.somewheretowrite.com. A simple site where people can write their thoughts, feelings.. pretty much anything. As of writing there’s already been a few posts by completely random people. There’s no adds on the site at the moment. But I’ve used some specific keywords to try and target a higher link rating hence a more likely hood of people using and finding the site. I’ll give it 3 months and all going well will add adsense pages to the site.

So if your thinking about a passive income from the web, think about a site where your users are the content generators. They build the site content, hence grow the site which benefits both them and you!

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