Submitted to Council, though problems persist

Posted by Benjamin Close on January 23, 2009 under Country Living | Be the First to Comment

After having the day off yesterday, Carly and I did a lot of ringing around to try and find out the state of things. Turns out that the second lot of engineering has now been done. Talking to Amanda at Format Homes, we were told that all had now been submitted to council – Which is great news!, well sort of. Turns out the submitted application didn’t have any details of an access track – as required by Tea Tree Gully Council in a Hills Face Zone. 

Hence we now have to provide access track details to Format so they can get an engineer to detail a cut an fill plan – sadly more cost 🙁
Below is the track that we want to the house:


Access Track for our block

Access Track for our block



We also called into Clipsal yesterday and got where all our lights, powerpoints etc, sorted out. It came to a little more than the builders spec but since this is the last house we are going to have, a few more power points certainly never hurts. We also caught up with the bank and got our construction loan arranged – just waiting upon approval now.

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