A Gas Oven versus Electric

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Westinghouse GGP475S

When deciding to build our home, Carly and I very quickly realised an Electric oven was not a practicle solution.  With our electricity being generated from Solar, a standard electric oven using 2-3Kw of power per hour would drain our backup supply very rapidly. (We will only be generating about 10kw a day).  Hence we decided very early on we would use a Gas oven.

A little research also revealed this to be a good choice. Gas ovens are generally more efficient than electric ovens. They heat up quicker and use less energy to maintain the same temperature than electric ovens.

The down side however is the European market now has gone mainly electric. The most likely cause for this is the lack of natural gas and also the increased green energy now available. This sadly ment that most ovens are now electric.

Hence we had a limited range to chose from. In the end we decided on a Westinghouse Gas oven. Not only are Westing house Australian, the internal oven space is much larger the other gas ovens on the market – and much larger than many of the electric oven on the market!

This is where some of the drama’s started. We did a quick ring around for the Westinghouse GGP475S oven (as shown). The best price we found was $1400 from Spartan electrical. We figured since the RRP for the electric oven used by Format was $990, and since we had an allowance of $350 in our contract for a gas oven, the difference in having this oven would be minimal.

Yesterday Carly and I received a variation form from Format Homes indicating an additional $1,183.00 would be payable to have this oven. We were a little astonished. Today I rang format and was told that they didn’t realise we had the $350 allowance and the price difference would now be $833 ?!?! This was nuts! This is over 2/3 the price of the oven. Hence after a long discussion we’ve decided not to get the gas oven installed by Format Homes. Instead we’ll get a credit for the Electric Oven (said to be $550), the $350 allowance refunded and put the oven in ourselves after handover. So $1400 – $550-$350 = $500. 
We can get the plumbing done for free!

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