Final Selections at Format Homes

Posted by Benjamin Close on February 21, 2009 under Country Living | Read the First Comment

Monday Carly and I attended Format Homes for our Final selections. Things went very smoothly and we were very impressed at the range we had to choose from. In the end all we ended up needing to pay extra for was a few optional things we had requested. These included a 3rd coat of paint – due to us wanting a particular colour for the internal walls. We also had to pay extra for both a hot water plumbing loop and an upgrade to 20mm piping for all water.

This these three things were not surprizing since they are all non standard. The rest of selections went very smoothly. So now it’s a waiting game as we wait for council to approve/complain about our house plans!

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  • Harry said,


    i would like to get in touch with you regarding format homes, because i am thinking about building with them!

    Please drop me an email sometime.


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