cgit: cache updates

Posted by Benjamin Close on March 4, 2009 under FreeDesktop | 2 Comments to Read

Hi Folks, a few changes have now been put in place to try and fix a few issues that people have been experiencing with the caching used by cgit on the repos.

First off a little background. Git web was replaced by cgit as cgit is both faster and the caching allowed annarchy to have some room to breath. This left a few issues which were only discovered later on. These were:

  • Cgit’s main page idle field only used the ‘master’ branch for timestamp
    Now fixed, though the cache is only updated every 11 minutes (the main page NEEDS caching).
    This was fixed by using:
  • The summary pages for each repo would often appear locked due to caching bugs
    Temporary Fix in Place – Repo summaries are currently not cached. The real fix is still in progress – fixing cgit bug.

With these to items fixed, things should now be back to normal. If not, let me know.

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  • Sean said,

    It’s many hours out of date again… e.g., it is showing xorg/xserver as being 13 minutes idle (and has all morning), but it hasn’t had a commit in over 17 hours.

  • Benjamin Close said,

    Thanks, it appears cgit’s left some stale lock files. Looking into why…

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