We’re Having A Baby!

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Well it’s official, Carly and I are having a baby! It’s been a while before we could make this post as we didn’t want people to find out before we let our family know and with ‘Mum Close’ being in Western Australia on holiday, that took a little longer than expected! But finally we can [..more..]

Make Money Online

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Hello and welcome to the first article in a continuing series about trying to earn money online. First a little background. My name is Benjamin Close, I have a good day job working as a Research Associate in the Wearable Computer Lab at the University of South Australia and a secondary job working as an [..more..]

Carly Close

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Carly Close

Carly and Ben met in December of 2000, a surprize date by their best friends Patrick and Anita. Over time they became friends, lovers and on the 10th of April 2004 Ben asked Carly to be his wife. Carly Agreed! So on the 23rd of April 2005 they became one. Carly is the love of [..more..]